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Starting a business is much easier today than creating a brand name for yourself- A word that becomes a brand for you and everyone else in the near future. A brand name shouldn’t be only something that you like. Your name should communicate clearly with the customers, that’s how you know you’ve done an excellent job. Lately, many people who think of ideas for their business venture also show concern for the question that pops up in their mind the most- How to create a brand name?  They’re just people like you who want to do something simple yet remarkable. Your brand name is the recognition for your business which adds to the pressure of standing out in the competitive industry. Sometimes it’s mere luck that a name clicks in your mind which is suitable, and sometimes it takes a whole process to finalize one good name. In this blog, we’ll break down what a brand name is? Why is it important? and some tips on how to create a brand name for your business. Let’s start   What is a brand name?   Your customer or audience recognizes your brand from the brand name. Your brand name is what makes you different from other brands in the market. It’s the simplest form of having a signature value for your product or service. Your brand name is used in marketing, advertising, and recognition for what your brand stands for. Even the simplest of words can either make or break your brand name.  A brand name can be the name of the founders, a name that is special to the founder or even a random name which makes sense to go with their product or service. Companies protect their brand name by registering trademarks for the same. But why do companies put so much effort into naming? Let’s look for the reason behind the same.   Why is a brand name so important?    Strong customer recognition, customer loyalty, and colossal business impact all of these are an impact of a unique brand name. A brand name that stands out in a market requires a lot of thought and effort. Choosing the right brand name that fits every aspect of your business and, at the same time, getting recognition in the marketplace is sometimes like a needle in a haystack. With the right creative minds at work, you can quickly sort out your questions of why, when and how to create a brand name? Usually, the amount of attention choosing a brand name demands doesn’t get. People think of it as not a time taking the task, but the perfect name needs a lot of attention and patience. You always need to remember that one day your brand name will be known by millions of people, so what exactly does your name represent if people were to relate it to your business. All the more reason to understand why your brand name is so important. This can also add to the panic, as you have a business to run and can’t invest so much time in naming the brand. No need to worry; here we have some common tips on how to create a brand name, where to start from, and where exactly you feel like you’ve got the one.  Without any further ado, let’s get started.   Tips on how to create a brand name?   There aren’t any particular rules set in stone while choosing a brand name. But you need to keep specific tips and tricks in mind to make the whole process less worrisome and more valuable to you and your brand. What are those tricks? Scroll down a bit to find out   Know your audience – Your primary focus must be your audience; what do they think? How do they feel? What provokes them? Anything and everything is just about them, cause at the end, your audience becomes your market and your business. It’s up to you to represent your brand while connecting with the audience. You want to emotionally connect with the audience or create a sense of superiority and luxury; all this is possible when you know your audience.    Make it catchy yet simple – One thing that a good brand name showcases are using words or letters that tips off other people. Your brand name should be catchy enough to make other people pause and wonder for a while. It shouldn’t be difficult to pronounce but might need more than just a gaze for the audience to understand. It generates curiosity among the people, and they find it a bit challenging how they cannot figure out the core meaning of such simple words? Once they understand the meaning, they generally appreciate the brand’s thought process in coming up with a name that makes it memorable.   Make it evergreen – You plan your business not just for today but for many more years to come, so why not keep this in account while looking for a brand name. Even though you might need your brand name to make the most sense now, it should still stand firm in future without losing its value. Your brand name should fit in with all your different ventures and extensions because you never know what the market demands and where the future takes you. The last thing you want is your brand name restricting you from trying certain things.  Be Meaningful – Your brand name connects with the audience. It should depict the core meaning of your brand. What you do in your business would make total relatability with the name. The more meaningful your name is, the more positive and stirring response you will get from the audience. They’ll be eager to find out more about your product or service. Your name should evoke some kind of feelings; it can be emotional, passionate, or calm. But with every emotion follows some action. Your marketing objectives depend significantly on the brand’s name and meaning. Unless the consumer doesn’t understand your brand’s purpose or name, it’ll be challenging to earn market trust in the long run.    Key factors while finalising your brand name?   As mentioned earlier, creating a brand name involves creative minds and the thought process behind it. You need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and what’s the outcome that you expect out of it. Adding some simple factors might help you come up with names that make everyone’s head turn and create curiosity. Let’s see what those factors are to find the right brand name.   Brainstorming – You must have heard the quote- the more, the merrier. Well, it’s true when you’ve just one question in mind, how to create a brand name but no ultimate solution. Brainstorming creative minds can help find excellent brand names. Just sit with your team, explain your vision, and let them all put their ideas on the table. Take notes, make lists and then find the one.   Easy to pronounce – Remember, less is more. The less complicated it is, the more quickly it will fit on people’s tongues. Make your name user-friendly, easy to spell and pronounce, but still unique enough to attract an audience. A person already has a lot to remember daily, and if you have a long brand name, you’ll be adding to some trouble. Better make it short and crispy so that it’s easily memorable and fits in their sentences like anything.    Play around with words – Be as creative as you can. Coming up with a name should be a fun procedure and not stressful. When you go out of your restrictive thought, you never know where your mind takes you, and sometimes you come up with names that never would’ve clicked in your mind under tense conditions. Did you know IKEA stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd, where Ingvar Kamprad is the owner’s name, Elmtaryd is his farm’s name, and Aggunaryd is the name of the village where he spent his childhood. You think he could’ve made a name globally if he wouldn’t shorten his name.    Your brand name is the one that establishes your company’s reputation. Taking risks, amputating names, and being unique and distinctive all becomes worth it in the end. The more you fit in with ease in people’s lives, the better it becomes for you in the long run. Your brand name is worth investing in. it requires every bit of strategy, planning, creativity and determination because it’s the first thing your audience sees, so why not make it the best?

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