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The FMGC industry is constantly trying to improve its product to match the ever-changing taste of the customer. Also, the competition is high in this industry which keeps businesses on their toes to keep implementing refreshing flavours to their products. But what they often miss out on is upgrading their packaging. Like your product, your packaging needs upgradation from time to time to keep customer interest intact. In fact, changing our food packaging design every season is the easiest yet most creative way to adapt your products according to the changing times and preferences. It does not mean replacing the in-store experience but rather adjusting to future dominance in the online experience. 


This being true, the brand experts and designers are putting a lot of thought into product packaging designs, especially in the FMGC industry. Now that 2022 is almost about to end let’s dig deep to find out what food packaging design trends will rule the year 2023 across the globe. 


Illustrate ingredients

One of the most popular food packaging design ideas for 2023 is the decoration of packaging with product ingredients represented in a bright and fun way, reflecting the growing cultural acceptance of transparency, especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies. It not only attracts customers who are interested in knowing the product’s contents, but it may also distinguish which flavour or variety a specific product is. Try to add a wholesome energy that leans towards the youthful and cartoonish visuals to make the product on the packaging more appealing. Avoid going for more refined art styles, such as doodles, as kills the fun element and can make your design a little boring. 


Choice of typography

The use of bespoke typography on food product packaging is a crucial component that has become quite successful over time at grabbing consumers’ attention and wallets. Instead of simply picking the perfect typeface, create the appropriate typography to enable customers to relate to and learn more about the brand. Your customers will have positive expectations about your products’ quality, functionality, aesthetics, and related dynamics if you use well-designed custom typography. Therefore, instead of using fonts, create your own typography to help your customers understand and connect with your brand.

Tactile texture

Brands are learning the benefits of tactile textures as they search for methods to make their packaging stand out. Techniques that give package texture are becoming more popular, including foil printing, die-cutting, embossing, and debossing (where the packaging is raised or depressed) (using reflective metal on the packaging). Employing these printing techniques in packaging designs always increases the perceived worth of the product because they look highly upscale and are frequently connected to high-end companies. This trend gives us a sense of stability with our sense of touch as more and more of our lives migrate into the digital realm. Additionally, a package’s unique textures have a certain allure that appeals to senses other than sight.

Go minimalist

Another inspiration that you can take from 2023 packaging designs ruling the labels is the idea of minimalism. Minimalist designs have always been popular and will continue to do so in the future. There is no benefit to confusing consumers with excessive design elements and clustering your packaging design. Instead, selecting minimalist designs has several advantages. To begin with, it presents your brand as open and truthful with customers.

Additionally, it streamlines and organises your merchandise. The lengthy list of numerous valuable elements in your product doesn’t perplex the customers! Instead, minimalist designs only draw attention to the key features that set your products apart and make them the finest option available.

Back of label

Your product’s front packaging design plays a significant role in luring potential customers. But, the back packaging design is equally necessary to seal the deal. Your product’s back package contains more information than just a list of ingredients and nutrients. It is also a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business and increasing interest in it. The reverse of the box is the ideal place to emphasise your brand history, how it got started, what inspired you to create your brand, or your brand USPs to pique customer interest! On the rear of the packaging, you can highlight the advantages and sources of the product. For instance, if your brand sources ingredients from an authentic and verified farmer, the back of the packaging design is the best place to highlight it. The same goes for warning information, certifications, and nutritional claims.

Use wrap-around patterns

In 2023, we have seen brands using wrap-around patterns on their packaging; wait till we explain why! Wrap-around designs use aesthetically pleasant, continuous wide lines to pique interest and tempt consumers to pick up the item. These aesthetic elements encourage a desire for freedom and go against the norms that are exclusively for the front of the container. Wrap-around designs that span the entire design surface entice us to pick it up and explore the contents. Our attention is drawn to it, especially if the patterns match when it is arranged on the shelves. The consistency with patterns and the design’s fluidity makes this packaging style appealing.


Ecstatic colours

It’s no surprise that colour is the strongest element when talking about grabbing attention. But what colour palette to choose this year? Well, 2023 is all about using ecstatic colours. Flashier and brighter colours are trending in packaging designs. Such colour selection sets aside formality and is a useful idea for getting your product noticed. With visual attention more valuable than ever, brands understand that going bold and ecstatic is ruling the trend. Since ecstatic colours are highly saturated and bold, they will help you create a fearless and confident impression about your brand and whatever it claims. Its playful and whimsical property makes it more beneficial as it ensures a glimmer of hope for your products. 

Sticker book aesthetics

Ever thought of utilising stickers in your packaging designs? If not, now is the time to implement this trend, as 2023 is all about quirky stickers. The inner child is drawn to the packaging trend that uses sticker books, especially those who miss the 1990s. Bright colours are used in these designs, which are frequently recognised by how specific images—especially adorable icons or drawn doodles—are separated from or even layered on top of one another. The joyful, irreverent attitude of this floating type of composition is reminiscent of a sticker book, where stickers were frequently arranged clumsily and randomly. Stickers appeal to better and simpler eras, similar to other fads that draw on nostalgia, adding enjoyment and a short escape from the state of the world today.



If we have to conclude one thing from the latest packaging design trends, we can say that it’s the reflection and response of the times. It might be due to the uncertainty of the past years, but people have now started responding to the positive styles that remind them of simpler times. So, ask your designer to use these inspirations to make your packaging design trendy enough to stand out this year. At The Brand Palette, you get a professional team that is up-to-date and efficient enough to incorporate popular trends into your packaging design and maximise your conversion rate in 2023.


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