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As steve jobs once said, “packaging can be a theatre; it can create a story” your packaging is the first thing a shopper notices before making the purchase. So, packaging influences buying decisions. Don’t believe us? Here’s what stats have to say— According to a study, 7 out of 10 people admit that the brand’s packaging influenced their purchasing decision. Just like steve stated, packaging design tells a story, forms a tone and assures a tangible experience for the buyer. A study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing briefly describes how a person’s brain reacts to different packaging designs. According to this study, looking at attractive packaging creates more intense activity in the brain. On the other hand, unattractive packaging creates negative emotions. Any business owner would want to keep their customer away from such feelings, right? Well, a sure shot way to impress and attract more customers, a well-thought product packaging design can help you accomplish it in a much shorter time frame. This post will discuss how to attract customers with your packaging design.

Product packaging design benefits brands and customers
Business is often described as a battlefield considering the fierce nature of business. Securing a foothold as a unique brand can be a challenging problem in the field. While you are still trying to figure out ways to make you stand out amongst the competitors, your product packaging design can significantly attract the target audience’s attention. Yes, you read that right! Product packaging design is the right solution for businesses seeking an interesting and innovative way to make a mark and create a fantastic customer experience. Here’s how having an innovative packaging design can boom your business.

Add distinctive value
There must be a lot of industries that already deal in the same product as you. So, it is quite obvious that the product description, ingredients list, and benefits derived from it are expected to be similar. How do you plan to stand out in such a situation? The only difference you can make is in the design element of your packaging. This helps your product to stand out on the crowded shelf and attract customers’ attention.

Creates demand
Scruffling with low sales? Well, spending time on your product packaging design can create demand. Packaging design is essential in deciding how your product is perceived, even before a person looks at the product. You can create demand through your design and allure the target audience. You might have observed at shops that products with vibrant packaging are displayed in front, and the rest are placed at the back. That is because attractive packaging lets the customer pick the product and spend time knowing more about it and your brand. By putting more emphasis on visuals, packaging design becomes the best way to hook the customer and convenience him/her to give his new product a chance. More sale implies to increased demand for your products.

Enhances brand association
Your product packaging design is an empty canvas that gives you a chance to paint down a convincing story. This means it allows you to express the values and USP of the product and eventually connect with the buyer in the best way possible. A well-described packaging design increases customer attention rate, making it memorable for a longer time. Brand association is the secret ingredient to building valuable customer relationships and communicating brand schemes with the customers. Now let’s see how to attract customers with your product packaging design.

Tips for designing product packaging

Eye-catching packaging
Eye-catching product packaging is all you need to attract your customers from the “first look.” If you ask for a shopper’s perspective, the fact is that they are always excited to see the entire brand on display. Therefore, the “eye-catching” factor must always be the initial criterion in the packaging design process. Because buyers only have 1-2 seconds to be impressed by your brand’s product. So, to make it eye-catching, focus on the following factors:

  • Colours: Select colours carefully and go for vibrant tones. The packaging colour affects how a person feels when making a purchasing decision. So, try an array of colour combinations to see what works best for your brand before finalising the design.
  • Font: Make sure your font is readable for any customer, as customers tend to skip products if they need help collecting information.
  • Logo: If you plan to put a logo on the packaging, keep a size that is easily readable from a distance, as it will grab customer attention.

Maintain transparency
With your packaging design, make sure that you follow the ‘clean label’ trend. That means always keeping in mind that your packaging should not mislead the shopper. For instance, an organic food product packaging design can include important information like it’s organic, gluten-free, low in sugar, or contains added minerals. Transparency is in the boom and will be a great tool. Ultimately, clear labels add your point to increase customer satisfaction as it helps them make a more informed choice. When your packaging design informs the buyer about its nutritional value, ingredient, added benefits, and health benefits, it reaches out to the customer very clearly and builds their trust in your product.

Add product persona
Today, packaging design serves as your brand’s face to communicate a brand message, promise, personality, value, or brand identity. It is no longer only a protective component for your goods. As a result, you should treat it like any other aspect of your branding. So, discuss everything with the designer, so they can add a personal touch of the brand or the theme to the packaging. The task is marketing; you are developing a persona representing your product. Be it a tagline, brand logo or colour combinations, there should be an element that customers can identify as soon as they see your product.

The budget for packaging design breaks down in the following way:
1. The one-time cost includes paying for the original design work and print plate setup. You have to pay for it once or whenever you get it redesigned.
2. Per-item cost: This means paying for labour and materials. The cost of each box will depend on the type of material used in the process.
It is better if you discuss your budget with the design company. This gives you an idea of how much you can spend on the presentation and make it better than your competitors.

A shopper evaluates experience just as much as the product itself. An attractive product packaging helps brands to create a more controlled experience and helps to amuse and delight the customer every time they buy a product from your store. Packaging allows you to express your brand and form a connection with the shopper from the very start. We live in a time when customers have started paying attention to the brand and what it stands for. So, to make your brand memorable and build a loyal customer base, use your packaging design ideally. Incorporate the tips mentioned above to create a packaging design that is justice for your brand. You can take the help of experts at The Brand Palette. Our team of experts knows exactly how to showcase every business’s essence in packaging.


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