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Aromatic and Medicinal properties of traditional spices

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Indian cuisines are well known for their aromatic spices. Over the years, spices have been uniquely making their impact on Indian food, leaving an aroma that lingers for days. Spices play an important role in adding continental texture to the recipes.  A mix-match of different spices is primarily done to flourish a subtle taste change in different cuisines. Spices go a long way in the context of their taste as well as their medicinal properties. Let’s peruse away some more information about spices. Read More

Honey and Cinnamon: A Magic Potion

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Cinnamon and Honey are both widely famous for their health benefits and how the both of them together form a pretty unbeatable combo. For centuries, Ayurveda has believed in these two as a cure for multiple ailments. It goes without a doubt that it is a unique and rich pairing that can be used in endless ways. From oatmeal, to teas to even baked goods, it can elevate pretty much anything and everything in terms of flavor. Read More

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