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Leading packaging design company in india

Let’s build your brand that leaves a lasting legacy with your trusted packaging design company in india


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    Sunny Dhawan
    Sunny Dhawan
    Amazing doesn't begin to describe the type of work they do. I loved the personal touch and the quick turnover.
    I worked with The Brand Palette on our branding, strategy and style guide. They are great, because they are genuine, passionate and pay attention to details. During the whole project we never felt they are your typical agency. We felt they are an extension of our own team. The team at TBP is full of energy, gumption, and backs it all up with experience and swift delivery .I highly recommend them.
    puneet bajaj
    puneet bajaj
    The best branding agency. We were initially drawn to The Brand Palette due to their impressive portfolio but once we met the team, they exceeded all our expectations. Great energy, true thought partners and excellent work. They’re extremely receptive to feedback and make the creative process so much fun and dynamic.
    Bhavy ahuja
    Bhavy ahuja
    The Brand Palette is one of the few branding agencies in Chandigarh that is truly exceptional and hard-working. Their approach to a given brief is exceptional and the end results are guaranteed to blow you away. So if you have any branding/design requirements look no further than THE BRAND PALETTE. These girls are the best!
    Vishal Kalia
    Vishal Kalia
    Best agency for building an authentic story for your brand. Team The Brand Palette always thinks beyond the boxes that brands tend to find themselves in. Creating strategies, creative designs and experiences that generate genuine connections with your target audience.
    Sujay Koner
    Sujay Koner
    TBP understands what needs to be done & is very patient in ensuring that the job is done with 100% satisfaction. I recommend anyone who is looking for rebranding or creating a new brand to work with The Brand Palette.
    Ankit Chandola
    Ankit Chandola
    Amazingly Creative Service at excellent levels and strategic thinking with a dynamic twist. A company to trust with your brands.
    Umesh Goyal
    Umesh Goyal
    I hired TBP several times for branding work and packaging designs and the results were extremely satisfactory. Communication was good throughout the process and the work was carried out on time and in scope. Their branding processes are very helpful and they are more of a partner than an agency. In short, I highly recommend them.
    Wonderful services provided by the company. Highly professional and best designing team to work with. Understands clients requirements and delivers the best solution.
    Baban Chawla
    Baban Chawla
    There designs are great, staff is very positive

    WHY US

    The Brand Palette: Leading packaging
    design company in india

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    Packaging designs

    Expertise & Experience

    As a leading packaging design company, we have years of proven success in creating captivating designs.

    Tailored Solutions

    As a premier packaging design company in India, we specialize in personalized designs that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

    Innovation & Creativity

    In our pursuit to become the best packaging design company in India, we are committed to delivering captivating packaging design solutions.

    Seamless Management

    As the best packaging design company in India, we pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent and client-centric approach.


    Your Go-To Packaging Design
    Firm in India - Driving Sales and
    Fostering Business Growth

    Transparent Beauty: Elevating Veridic’s Natural Products

    As a pioneering packaging design company, we revolutionized the beauty category by proudly showcasing ingredients on the front label. We challenged their competitors to unhide their ingredients and join us in the journey of transparent beauty solutions.

    Fresh Success: Making Alo Fresh Stand Out

    As a leading packaging design company in India, we took on the challenge of creating a standout product line for Alo Fresh in a crowded market. With creativity and a focus on freshness and quality, we crafted captivating designs that now work wonders for them in the market. Alo Fresh’s products are gaining admiration from consumers and industry peers alike, establishing a unique and strong brand identity.

    Smileys & Sales: Packaging Revamp Doubled Success

    Nuts About You, sought our expertise as a packaging design company to revamp its packaging to attract a younger audience and gain prominence in small retail stores. Our creative solution infused vibrant colours and smileys, resonating with the target demographic. The impactful rebranding resulted in a remarkable two-fold increase in sales, capturing the hearts of the new audience and securing a dominant presence on retail shelves.

    Jar Joy: A captivating and mouthwatering packaging

    As a premier packaging design company in India, we embarked on an exciting journey to relaunch Go Snax banana chips in jars for the international market. Our vibrant and eye-catching designs showcase the delicious flavours of the chips, enticing consumers worldwide. With meticulous attention to detail and a creative flair, our packaging solutions breathe new life into the product.


    Affordable Packaging Design
    Pricing for Businesses of All Sizes

    Your Trusted Packaging Design Company


    Logo & Identity

    ₹ 14999/ Logo

    03 Unique Logo Concepts

    Brand Colours & Typography

    Stationary Kit

    Mini Brand Guide


    Packaging Design & Mock up

    ₹ 12999/ Design

    02 Unique Concepts

    03 Revisions on selected concept

    Content Writing

    Mock up

    Social Media

    Posts & Stories

    ₹ 24999/ 10 creatives

    Creative Campaign Plan

    10 Creatives for 1 Social Media Platform

    10 Captions for 1 Social Media Platform

    5 Stories

    Our Team

    Awesome People,
    Different Talents






    Brand Manager


    Creative Head


    Creative Designer


    Creative Designer


    Content Strategist


    Digital Ad Expert


    See what our customer
    say about us

    With the expertise of The Brand Palette, We transformed our packaging designs into a visual masterpiece. Madhura, Sonal and the team have an exceptional eye for detail and creativity. The final result was stunning, attracting positive feedback from our customers. We are delighted with their work!

    Arun, Elephantrunk

    The Brand Palette's branding and packaging design services have been instrumental in defining our brand's image. Their ability to understand and infuse our vision into unique designs is commendable. Our products are launched, and we look forward to standing out in the market. Highly recommended packaging design firm!

    Raghav, Veridic

    The Brand Palette's packaging designs have catapulted our brand to new heights. Their innovative and captivating packaging design solutions have garnered significant attention, and our sales have been substantially boosted. Working with The Brand Palette team, the best packaging design company, has been an absolute pleasure!

    Manik Arora, Nuts About You

    The Brand Palette exceeded our expectations with its branding and packaging designs. Their dedication to creating a unique and impactful design perfectly aligned with our brand identity. Our customers have been captivated by the packaging, which has undoubtedly contributed to our business success. I highly recommend them to new brands as they are one of the excellent packaging design company in India

    Ritesh Ghosal, Aasnaa


    Our Happy Clients


    We have everything
    you need

    Brand Identity

    From crafting eye-catching logos to designing stunning visuals, we ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd.


    We offer services in designing and developing functional and visually appealing e-commerce website, corporate website and more.

    Print Collaterals

    We design thoughtful, unique, and creative designs for brochures, print ads, presentations, posters, flyers for B2B & B2C communication


    From conceptualization, story-boarding and execution, we make marketing videos to connect with audiences, promoting products, services, brand launches and more

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      The Brand Palette:
      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much do you charge for packaging design Services?

      Our packaging design services in India are competitively priced to cater to your individual needs and project scope. We offer personalized solutions to ensure the best value for your investment. For a detailed quote, please get in touch with us with your project details, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a customized pricing proposal.

      How many changes can I make to my design?

      We understand the importance of getting your design just right. As a leading packaging design company, we provide a reasonable number of revisions to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. The specific number of revisions may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the package you choose. Rest assured; we strive to work closely with you to ensure your design meets your expectations.

      What will I get with my package design?

      Our package design services include concept development, creative design, layout, and print-ready files. You can expect high-quality visual representations of your product, incorporating brand identity, eye-catching graphics, and compelling messaging. Additionally, you will receive our expert guidance and support throughout the entire design process, ensuring that the final result aligns perfectly with your vision and brand objectives.

      What if I have more than one SKU or need additional label sizes/types?

      Our packaging design company can accommodate your needs if you have more than one SKU or require additional label sizes/types. We offer flexible packages and can effectively tailor our services to handle multiple SKUs or various label variations. Whether you need different sizes, shapes, or designs for multiple SKUs, we can provide seamless solutions that maintain consistency in branding and aesthetics while meeting the unique specifications of each product.

      Can I use my images, or do you provide images for my design?

      As a packaging design company, we are flexible and can work with both scenarios. If you have specific images or product photos you would like to use for your design; we can incorporate them seamlessly into the packaging, provided they are of good resolution. On the other hand, if you need images or visuals for your packaging and do not have them, we can source high-quality and relevant images for you. Our team has access to a vast library of stock images and can provide you with options that complement your brand and packaging design.

      What are the types of packaging material you work with?

      Cardboard/Paperboard: Ideal for boxes, cartons, and retail packaging, providing versatility and eco-friendliness.
      Plastic: Used for bottles, containers, and pouches, offering durability and flexibility.
      Glass: Suitable for high-end products, providing a premium look and feel.
      Metal: Used for cans and containers, offering robustness and preservation of contents.
      Flexible Packaging: Includes materials like films, foils, and laminates, commonly used for snacks, beverages, and personal care products.
      Wood: Utilized for speciality and luxury packaging, adding a rustic or high-end appeal.
      Eco-friendly Materials: We also use biodegradable, compostable, and recycled materials to support sustainable packaging options.
      Our design expertise extends to all these materials, ensuring that your packaging looks attractive and functions optimally to protect and enhance your product.

      How long does it take to design packaging?

      The time it takes to design packaging can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the number of revisions required, and the scope of the design work. The packaging design process typically involves multiple stages, including initial concept development, creative design, feedback and revisions, and finalizing the production-ready files. The design process may take 1 – 2 weeks for straightforward projects, while more complex projects require 2-4 weeks. As a packaging design company, we strive to work efficiently and deliver high-quality results within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring that your packaging is ready for production and market launch as per your timeline.

      What if I am not satisfied with my final product?

      As a packaging design company, our top priority is client satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the final product, we are committed to working with you to make the necessary adjustments and revisions until we achieve your desired outcome. We ensure clear communication and feedback loops during the design process to understand your preferences and expectations. Our team will gladly address any areas that need improvement or changes and provide revised design concepts.

      What are your billing policies?

      As a packaging design company, our billing policies are designed to be transparent and fair to our clients. Here are some key points regarding our billing policies:

      Project Quotation: Before starting any project, we provide a detailed quotation outlining the scope of work, deliverables, timelines, and the total cost. This quotation will be based on the specific requirements and preferences discussed with the client.

      Payment Schedule: We typically require an initial 50% advance or retainer before starting the project. The remaining balance is usually due upon completion and before the final design files are delivered.

      Revisions: Our billing policies include a certain number of revisions as agreed upon in the project contract. Additional revisions beyond this agreed number may be subject to extra charges.

      We accept various bank transfers and online payment platforms to make the payment process convenient for our clients.

      We ensure our billing policies are clear and discussed with clients before starting any project. If you have any specific questions or concerns about our billing policies, we will address them and work out an arrangement that best suits your needs.

      Do you do small design projects?

      Yes, absolutely! As a packaging design company, we cater to projects of all sizes, including small design projects. We are here to assist you whether you need a single-label design, a small packaging batch for a limited release, or any other small-scale design requirement.

      No project is too small for us. We approach each project with the same level of dedication and creativity, ensuring that even small designs receive the attention to detail they deserve. We aim to help businesses of all sizes enhance their brand image and product presentation through captivating packaging designs. So, whether you have a large-scale packaging project or a small design requirement, feel free to reach out to us. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and provide you with a tailored solution that aligns with your brand identity and objectives.

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