Nuts about you is the brainchild of two health connoisseurs who wanted to share their passion for healthy eating with the world. Realising the need to expand its target audience, the brand sought our assistance to help it stand out from other health food competitors. Thus, we developed a rebranding process that aims to reposition to a fun brand to stay fresh and cater to the ever-growing demands of their new target audience.

We devised the new brand upon the founders’ belief that staying healthy should be simple, pure and straightforward. We chose Adelle sans font for its sleek and modern san-serif typeface that would offer contrast, clarity and simplicity to resonate with the younger millennials.

The primary colours, black and red, were brought together to enhance the logo identity further. Black and red for simplicity, brown just because it’s the colour of the nuts, as straightforward as it is. We then use a secondary colour palette of multi-colours as a fun and approachable way to represent the variety of products offered.