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Elephantrunk is a Kerala-based brand that uses natural ingredients in skincare products to help skin and hair naturally rejuvenate, replenish, and glow. Previously sold under the name “Krishna Spices,” the brand did not resonate with customers, leading to a rebranding with a new name and packaging design that highlights the natural ingredients in their purest forms.

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To establish Elephantrunk as a modern minimalist brand that resonates with conscious consumers, emphasizing natural ingredients, quality, and affordability.

 Born in Kerala, Elephantrunk brings the true essence of the region’s renowned spices, sourced directly from the best farms, to ensure peak flavour and aroma.

Natural Ingredients

Each product is meticulously selected. Spices are packaged to retain their natural goodness, celebrating Kerala’s abundant natural bounty.

Quality Commitment

The sun is the source of life. Likewise, our products are essential for healthy, vibrant skin, almost like the ‘source’ of skin vitality.

Source of Life

Elephants hold a special place in festivals and traditional ceremonies

The Elephantrunk logo encapsulates the brand’s values of strength, heritage, and natural beauty and reinforces its promise.

The brand colour was carefully chosen to reflect a soothing and natural feel which using our products.

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Visual Appeal:
Hand-drawn illustrations and unique color combinations that highlight natural ingredients.
Consistency and Uniqueness: Each product’s packaging is distinguished by vibrant colors and a focus on its key ingredient while maintaining a coherent brand look.
Ingredient Highlight: Display of main ingredients in their natural and illustrative forms, making the product stand out in cluttered shelf spaces.

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Subtle pastel colors in the background with bright, natural-looking ingredient illustrations make the product visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

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  • Conscious consumers who prioritize natural and sustainable products.
  • Individuals interested in traditional skincare and haircare solutions.
  • Consumers looking for high-quality yet affordable products

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